The failed prophecy

The poem is written about the failed Mayan prophecy which predicted that an apocalypse of death and destruction will end the world in 2012.


The hauling hope

The poem is dedicated to everyone who has moved away from home and family, in pursuit of their dreams.


the turbulent ghats the serene river a bouncing heart a hand quiver the bunch of roses a diamond ring thousands dreams a sudden sting the sacred chants a holy song the moment brief a story long.


Close eyes to feel the breeze let your smile make a crease   Listen to rustling trees, swaying with wind narrating the tales of hinterland   Talk to the chirping and whistling birds welcoming lightning and thud   Let your hair flow free let them where they want to be   Darker skies, devoid of... Continue Reading →


From the fairies, games and lullabies ┬áto leaving behind the butterflies   From the carefree chaotic rhymes to the tapping feet with synchronized chimes   From the tarted lips to the hesitant jibs   From the voices brisk to calculated risks   From innocent dreams, full of craze we've now entered this vicious maze  ... Continue Reading →

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