A fuming nation

My nation looks like an evening smoke

rising from the corn on the cob


They stole the bread from the poor’s bowl

and played a game foul


I know it has taken a lot of toll

to win that election poll


It must have taken a certain level of expertise

to snatch first and then sympathise


And without a doubt a skilful jugglery  of lures and bait

to build an empire out of other’s work, blood and sweat


With great power never came great responsibility

but a raging hunger for arbitrary authority


The lawmakers have only flauted the laws

the whole system is flawed


Careful custodians of power have forgotten whom they’ve pledged to

then what shall a common man is left to do?


Wonder I, whose purpose are they filling

in whose name are they stealing?


How they get sleep at night

being the reason of else’s plight?


How they present a posture serene

with intentions so mean?


And then a few do faced arrests and enquiries

the nation looked with hopeful eyes


But nothing lasted longer

they had built a web stronger with powerful sponsors


They were out and unfettered

justice was left torn and battered


And each day my nation fumes

in the grasp of monster that looms


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