Promises kaput

I have this fear in my head

you are showing me a thorny path to tread


Mercy, thy Lord!

I’m one soft heart and they are a mind dwarf


But if you have made up your mind

send me to a home kind


Where they don’t care if I’m a boy or a girl

and would treasure me precious as a pearl


Where I won’t be killed in the womb

and buried without a tomb


Where my arrival would be a celebration

not an event of family humiliation


Where the mother lullaby croon

and to father I be a boon


Where daughter is not a baggage

but the heaven’s message


Where I have equal rights

and won’t be left alone in my fights


Where I have ink and notebook in my hands

not burdened with household errands


But the promises don’t just end here

from now on the life is going to shift gears


In the journey of a giggling girl to beaming bride

don’t let my dreams subside


Wearing the wedding veil as I sit in the golden palanquin

don’t let my inner worth be wasted just as a tinsel mannequin


Don’t let me be strangulated by a marriage settlement

money can never be a girl’s replacement


Don’t let my silence be a name of benevolence

when engulfed by callous violence


Don’t make me an epitome of pride and honour

being a daughter, mother, wife and a human are my only genre


Don’t let these pinky promises to break

I’m putting everything at stake


Don’t tell me I have asked for too much

why did I not deserve a life such?


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