The magic wand

If I could tell, I’ll tell you one thing
Write, write with all your zing

Write when you are still young
Write when you are home or far-flung

Write a letter, prose or song
Write a note short or a write-up long

Write on paper, water or sand
Write with fancy pen or a dirty hand

Write when forlorn or heartbroken
Write for a lament unspoken

Write when the tears make you choke Write even when the Universe is filled with smoke

Write for stories that end with joy
Write in memory of childhood toy

Write on politics, economy or history
Write even when you can’t solve the mystery

Write with purpose, passion and poise
Write when mind creates lot of noise

Write, for it is the world’s only magic
that can cure away all the souls tragic

Write as a balm soothing or a bee sting
Write, write with all your zing.


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