The failed prophecy

The lady became a mother tonight

and a young seagull took its first flight


A butterfly fluttered its wings in air

and game was played in spirits fair


Grandma started to feel better

an estranged father received his letter


A kid wrote his name on a sandy beach

the bear got a fish seized


Girl wished upon a shooting star

and the maestro played his majestic sitar


Two friends met after years by chance

and the old lovers stole a glance


The poor had four meals for the day

and the train came without any delay


A soldier returned home to surprise

the guilty did apologize


God heard another prayer

and the sunlight made white snow glare


A sparrow built her nest

and the mason had some rest


The weather report was right

sky was a cloudy sight


As the coffee mug settled in hand

it started to rain


The peacock called for its mate

and together put up a show great


So the world will end when it has to end

but for now let us have the time extend.


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