Moon & Moor

Moon! Where were you all this time?

I waited the entire night for your sign


I searched for you in the places unknown

my songs became a dull monotone


I never lit a candle in my room

wishing you might appear soon


I have so many stories to be told

some tears I have to hold


Though the distance between us is huge

but no obstacle can ever intrude


The love we share is beyond words

no worldly wise could ever know its worth


You are my childhood sweetheart

not even death can do us part


You understand my human emotions

and I can speak to you without any caution


Will I ever find a human as soft as you

who’d demand nothing in its lieu


When I’ll be tattered and shattered

will someone make me feel better?


But now since you’ve arrived

there shall be no joy, I’ll be deprived


We’ll sing our song and strike a tune

I’ll be the moor and you’ll be my moon.


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