Rooted yet detached

A tiny seed buried within layers of soil and lights dim   Risks its solitude in becoming a plant with fortitude   It braves and faces its fears come what might it shall bear   Sustains the attachment of leaves whose loss it never grieves   Never get bogged down by the blooming flowers preserves... Continue Reading →



Was often asked to sit straight and keep quiet   To them my opinions were not mandatory and must not cross their trajectory   So once I tried to be ostrich like laying low with mouth tight   All the dangers averted kept my head into the sand inserted   But eyes caught something inside... Continue Reading →


Wee hours of the day flowers already on display   Hands threading garlands of flowers eyes looking for potential buyers   Dreaming of warmth called home it occurred, she forgot to comb   The only employee and the only boss couldn't incure such a loss   The peak selling time would last until the clock... Continue Reading →


You can't clap with one hand for how hard you may try and bend   An eye will render you a view half and without crease is there a laugh?   What will a lock do without its key a single shoe can't let you flee   Paint has the necessity of ¬†brush to make... Continue Reading →

Rewind Forward

What is a failure today shall be a wisdom tomorrow tunes of joy will end the stories sorrow   What is now a distant dream shall come true with teary stream   What is left unsaid and unheard today will cross hurdles and find its way   Heartaches fogging up the mind too shall be... Continue Reading →

Reality check

There is a market huge for class elite narrating stories of their climb to fame through the stairs of plight   And that is fair enough 'cause all are not gifted with life rough and tough   But is there a market that has a story by the weavers of carpet   Stories of those who... Continue Reading →

A fuming nation

My nation looks like an evening smoke rising from the corn on the cob   They stole the bread from the poor's bowl and played a game foul   I know it has taken a lot of toll to win that election poll   It must have taken a certain level of expertise to snatch... Continue Reading →

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