Reality check

There is a market huge for class elite narrating stories of their climb to fame through the stairs of plight   And that is fair enough 'cause all are not gifted with life rough and tough   But is there a market that has a story by the weavers of carpet   Stories of those who... Continue Reading →


A fuming nation

My nation looks like an evening smoke rising from the corn on the cob   They stole the bread from the poor's bowl and played a game foul   I know it has taken a lot of toll to win that election poll   It must have taken a certain level of expertise to snatch... Continue Reading →

The magic wand

Can we imagine a world where there is no such thing as "writing"? Obviously No. Human development integrates writing as one of the fundamental skills. That is why the next thing a child is made to learn after verbal skill is writing. It is due to all the written records and accounts of the travellers, philosophers and thinkers that we could interrogate, improve and evolve. I wonder if there exists something as satisfying as the sound of nib scratching on paper.


the turbulent ghats the serene river a bouncing heart a hand quiver the bunch of roses a diamond ring thousands dreams a sudden sting the sacred chants a holy song the moment brief a story long.

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